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Fruits and Greens Gluten Free Espresso

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What if you could put 20 servings of fruits and vegetables into 8 ounces of water? With NutriDyn Fruits and Greens Gluten Free Espresso you can! This easy-to-mix superfood allows you take your fruits and greens anywhere! You’ll no longer have to coerce your children into eating their vegetables. It’s great in smoothies! Fruits and Greens – Grape flavor is a great way to get the energy and nutrients you need to perform.


• Great antioxidant formula
• Provides nutrients your body craves to maximize energy
• Promotes healthy immune function
• Helps alkalize the body and balance pH
• Contains digestive enzymes, probiotics, and fiber
• Provides detoxification for weight control
• Does NOT contain wheat, dairy, sugar, preservatives, MSG, stimulants or caffeine



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