Are You Getting Your Fruits and Veggies? 7 Reasons to Choose Fruits & Greens

You want to eat right, lose the fat, have more energy and better overall health. You know what to eat, but maybe you’re not crazy about broccoli and you’ve had more spinach than you can stand. How do you get everything you need—every day?

Fruits & Greens is a convenient, simple source of fruits, vegetables, probiotics, and other superfoods. Mix this powder into water or juice or blend into a smoothie cross “Eat more greens” or “Buy fruit” off your list.

Why choose Fruits & Greens?

  1. Boost energy.
    Who couldn’t use more energy? Skip the extra cup of coffee and give your body the nutrients it needs to charge through your day.
  1. Pack in the nutrients.
    It’s hard to pack nine servings of fruits and veggies into your diet every day. Fruits & Greens packs the punch of 20+ servings of fruits and vegetables. (Got picky kids? They’ll love our kids drink!)
  1. Control weight.
    Our special blend helps boost metabolism to help you control weight—even as you pack in the nutrients you need.
  1. Save time and avoid waste.
    How many times have you skipped fruits or greens because you didn’t have time to get to the store—or worse found that pricy organic produce turning to mush in the fridge. Fruits & Greens comes right to your mailbox ready to be mixed up every day.
  1. Improve digestion.
    You’re not just adding fruit and veggies. Fruits & Greens adds probiotics too, to improve digestion and overall health.
  1. Fabulous flavors.
    Bored of broccoli? Can’t stand spinach? Tired of chalky supplements? We’ve just updated our flavors. Choose from five fabulous flavors including chocolate, espresso, strawberry-kiwi, natural berry, and original mint.
  1.  Get it on the go.
    Fruits & Greens doesn’t replace fresh food, but when you always on the run, it’s easy to mix it and take it to go, so you’re hitting those fruit and veggie requirements wherever you are.On top of that, we make it easy. Enjoy our affordable price and free shipping (in the continental US. And our subscription service means you don’t even have to think about it. We’ll deliver your Fruits & Greens on a regular basis, so you’ll always have it on hand. We’re your one-stop shop for Fruits & Greens.One scoop. One stop.Get Fruits & Greens here.

Why do you use Fruits & Greens? Tell us in comments below.