4 Habits for Achieving Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

4 Habits for Achieving Healthy New Years Resolutions

So here we are halfway through January. You made some great resolutions to be fit and healthy in 2017, but life intervened (as it always does). That party came up, you were just too tired today to exercise, or maybe your resolutions were not realistic.

In my case, I got sick and missed a week, had low energy and coughed every time I tried to climb a flight of stairs. This was not the great cardio workout I had envisioned to start the new year out right.

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Take Practice

You’ve got options. You can give up completely — and over 90% of people do just that — or you can regroup and start again. Resolutions are often unsuccessful because they are pie in the sky goals that are not backed by daily habits.

Success is possible if you make your goals part of your everyday routine. Here are four simple habits that will start your morning out right and set you up for a full day of healthy living.

Healthy habits begin first thing in the morning

Since I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed for several days (it actually kind of a nice excuse to binge on Netflix), I caught an episode of the Dr. Oz Show featuring author Tim Ferriss as a guest. Ferris has written several entrepreneurial and productivity books and shared tips from his latest, “Tools of the Titans” where he interviewed more than 200 world-class performers for his podcasts and put their top productivity tips on the book.

In the episode, Ferris talked about the importance of a morning routine and structure to get the day off right. Most of the people in his book had a routine for several parts of the day, but I want to focus on the morning. I will share a few of his and add couple of my own.

They take only a few minutes and if you commit to doing them for 30 days, they will likely become your new habit and structure for helping you get a great morning start on your day and goals.

New Habit: Drink a glass of warm water

Drink a glass of warm water as soon as you get up and maybe add a few drops of lemon oil for flavor. We often struggle to get enough water during the day, and hydration is one of the most important things for your body and energy. This way you have one down and the lemon helps tonify and cleanse your kidneys.

New Habit: Make your bed

Make your bed first thing. Sometimes it seems like we work all day and feel like nothing has been completed. By making your bed takes less than two minutes and when you’re done you know that you completed something right away. It’s neat and ready and relaxing for the end of the day when you get back into it.

New Habit: Move your body for one minute

After making the bed, do a minute or so of movement. This was one of Tim’s suggestions, and he suggested pushups on the bed, but my hack would be to turn the music on and dance for a song.

I ask Alexa to play “Happy” by Pharrell and just dance my heart out. No one is looking, so I can jump around, do some squats, pushups on the bed, whatever. The point is, your heart rate gets going, the metabolism gets a jump, you get about 400 steps. Plus, it makes your neurotransmitters “happy”, giving you a good mood start to the day.

New Habit: Kickstart your day with protein

After your mini dance fest, have 30 grams of protein, Make this simple and fast. The benefits are many. Morning protein is a great source of energy and it is thermogenic, which means you are burning fat and calories right off the bat, so your metabolism gets going for the day.

Ferris suggests a cup of cottage cheese with whatever you would like to add. One suggestion is a teaspoon of cinnamon which helps regulate blood sugar and is also beneficial for weight loss.

Another easy way is to make a quick protein drink and add your favorite flavor of Fruits and Greens (which can also be added to cottage cheese or yogurt as well). This way, you are starting the day with a superfood of over 20 fruits and veggies in one scoop!.

Ready, set, go!

This four habits take just a few minutes each morning and they get your day off to a great start. Work these habits into your routine to achieve healthy new year’s resolutions.

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