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  • How Many Fruits and Veggies Do My Kids Really Need?

    Fruits and veggies are key to helping kids develop and grow. But how many do they need? We all know they aren’t getting enough, but what’s a good amount? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommendations range from 1–2 cups for fruit and 1–3 cups of vegetable per day. Obviously, it […]

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  • 4 Habits for Achieving Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    So here we are halfway through January. You made some great resolutions to be fit and healthy in 2017, but life intervened (as it always does). That party came up, you were just too tired today to exercise, or maybe your resolutions were not realistic. In my case, I got sick and missed a week, […]

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  • Gluten-free Foods to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

    Whether you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease or have some level of gluten intolerance, you likely know the challenges of finding gluten-free foods. Restaurant dining can be especially difficult to navigate, so cooking at home can help you avoid hidden gluten sources. The best way to know for certain you’re eating gluten-free foods is to […]

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